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STX Duel 2 Unstrung

STX Duel 2 Unstrung

product details

Stx Duel 2 Lacrosse Head is lighter and more durable than the Duel 1. Has speed scoop technology which makes it extremely easy to pick up ground balls. With 15 sidewall holes, there is a limitless amount of ways to customize your pocket. 

Recommended Position: FOGO
Weight (oz): 4.8
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate
Scoop Shape: Speed Scoop Technology 


STX Duel II Lacrosse Head

FOGO-Specific speed scoop for faster groundball play
Player-Preffered flex for ideal clamp
Updated shortened throat moves your had even closer to the ball
Four screw ports for incrase stability

Price: $76.50
ITEM # White